IFEC Shows Concern over Temporary Trading of SP Shares, Submitting a Letter to SET!

IFEC has submitted a letter to SET for consideration of the temporary trading of SP shares in worry of negative impact to stakeholders.

Following the announcement of allowing a temporary trading for listed securities which have been posted the SP (suspended) sign longer than three-month period consecutively, Inter Far East Energy Corporation Public Company Limited (IFEC) had asserted its concern that the company are likely to qualify for this temporary shares trading, while the remedy of company’s issues is in the process and will take some time to rectify.

In this regard, IFEC’s board of directors are seriously concerned that, if temporary shares trading is allowed, there will be significantly negative impact to all stakeholders. For the greater benefit of shareholders and creditors, IFEC has submitted a letter to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), with a copy to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), to inform our crucial concern and request to be excluded from the upcoming temporary trading as per regulatory reform plan.