JAS-MONO Join Korean Partner to Launch IPTV Business for 3.3 Million Users on 3BB Network

JAS has joined forces with MONO and KT Corporation from South Korea to launch IPTV business on 3BB's high stability network.

Jasmine International Public Company Limited (JAS) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Mono Technology Public Company Limited (MONO) and KT Corporation (KT) from South Korea as a strategic Consultant to launch IPTV business for its 3.3 million 3BB Broadband Internet customers.

The cooperation that combines 3BB’s high quality nationwide Fiber network with KT’s more than 10 years of IPTV operations knowhow and MONO’s relationship with both foreign major studios and local content partners, 3BB’s IPTV will meet the needs of various groups of customers in Thailand.

Currently, KT has over 9 million fixed broadband subscribers and more than 8 million IPTV subscribers and has proven to be very successful in the Korean market. In this project, KT will provide full-scale consulting service and system design covering the network architecture, IPTV platform and devices for the project.  Whereas, Mono will leverage its expertise in aggregation of content for its widely popular Mono29 (Thailand top 3 Digital Free TV Channel) and Monomax (the only Thai owned OTT service provider in Thailand with more than 20,000 hours of aggregated and own original contents) to be the Master Content Provider (MCP) for 3BB’s IPTV business in exchange for a revenue share from the 3BB service revenue. The cooperation of these three parties will help to jump-start 3BB’s IPTV implementation and provide unique content offerings for 3BB’s customers.

JAS targets to achieve 1.5 million subscribers for the IPTV business in 1 year after its launch.  Targeted at 3BB’s current FTTX subscribers, 3BB’s IPTV service offerings will include high-quality linear channels and VOD (video-on-demand) contents from foreign content owners such as Hollywood, Korean and Chinese movies and series, T-Commerce or television shopping services, and targeted advertising services.

The collaboration of JAS, KT and MONO will strengthen JAS’s status and lay the foundation for 3BB’s IPTV business. With KT’s role as the Technology Partner and knowledge transfer in operating IPTV business, JAS will have a competitive edge over its competitors in the Thai market and ultimately generate a new revenue stream for Jasmine Group.