Time to Get 11 Shares Before Being Filled with a Huge Fund Flow from MSCI’s Addition!

Time to Get 11 Shares Before Being Filled with a Huge Fund Flow from MSCI’s Addition.

At the closing on tomorrow’s trading session, MSCI will add and delete a total of 11 stocks from its MSCI Global Standard Index and MSCI Global Small Cap Index. Analysts expected a huge amount of inflow from foreign investors after the rebalancing and saw the opportunity to invest in these stocks.


B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited (BGRIM), Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC), Osotspa Public Company Limited (OSP) and Srisawad Corporation Public Company Limited (SAWAD) will be added into MSCI Global Standard Indexes.


On November 25, 2019, BGRIM closed at ฿56.00/share, increased ฿1.75/share or 3.23%. GPSC closed at ฿89.25/share, increased ฿1.00/share or 1.13%. OSP closed at ฿42.50/share, increased ฿0.25/share or 0.59%. SAWAD closed at ฿65.25/share, increased ฿0.75/share or 1.16%.


Meanwhile, Central Plaza Hotel Public Company Limited (CENTEL), DoHome Public Company Limited (DOHOME), JMT Network Services Public Company Limited (JMT), Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited (SPRC), STP&I Public Company Limited (STPI), TPI Polene Power Public Company Limited (TPIPP) and TQM Corporation Public Company Limited (TQM) had made it into MSCI Global Small Cap Index.

On November 25, CENTEL closed at ฿28.75/share, increased ฿0.50/share or 1.77%. DOHOME closed at ฿11.10/share, increased ฿0.30/share or 2.78%. JMT closed at ฿23.00/share, increased ฿0.50/share or 2.22%. SPRC closed at ฿10.20/share, increase ฿0.45/share or 4.62%. STPI closed at ฿7.15/share, increased ฿0.30/share or 4.38%. TPIPP closed at ฿4.88/share, increased ฿0.10/share or 2.09%. TQM closed at ฿57.75/share, increased ฿1.00/share or 1.76%.

However, there were three deletions from MSCI Global Small Cap Index, which were Carabao Group Public Company Limited (CBG), Tisco Financial Group Public Company Limited (TISCO) while SAWAD moved to MSCI Global Standard Indexes.

On November 25, CBG closed at ฿86.00/share, increased ฿0.50/share or 0.58%. TISCO closed at ฿98.75/share, increased ฿0.25/share or 0.25%.

Nomura Capital Securities has stated that GPSC would receive an approximately $84 million baht of fund flow, $66 million for SAWAD, $58 million for BGRIM, and $48 million for OSP. Meanwhile, CENTEL, DOHOME, JMT, SPRC, STPI, TPIPP, TQM would receive around $150-300 million of fund flow each.