China’s Exports Rise 7.6% in December, Showing Less Effect from the Trade War

China issued a trade surplus of $46.79 billion and export rose 7.6% in December.

Amid of China – US trade war tension, China issued a trade surplus of $46.79 billion in December. The exports have increased for the first time in five months in December.

Comparing 2018, China’s exports in 2019 rose 7.6% and the analysts of Reuter forecasted that the shipments climbed 3.2% following reduced 1.3% in a month earlier.

As well as the import, surged 16.3% in comparison to 2018, despite the higher commodity price. The Reuters had forecast 9.6% growth versus 0.5% in November

The trade in December was surplus $46.79 billion, compared with forecast for $48 billion surplus and up from November’s surplus of $37.93 billion.

Even China is in the mist of trading conflict with the US, the export still rose near 10% from 2018, reflecting weaker U.S. sales.