ADVANC Collects 23 Licences from 48 in Total, State’s Coffers Raise over ฿100bn!

ADVANC Collects 23 Licences from 48 in Total, State’s Coffers Raise over ฿100bn!

In reference to 700MHz, 2600MHz and 26GHz spectrum licence auction as announced by the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) on February 16, 2020, the bidder winner has been announced as follows;

In a Frequency Band of 700 MHz offering 3 licences, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT) won 2 licences while Advanced Wireless Network Co., Ltd. (AWN), a 99.99subsidiary of Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (ADVANC) acquired 2 licences. The bidding was complete at a value of 17,153 million baht per licences, totaling 51,459 million baht.

Later, the bidding for 19 licences of 2600 MHz joined by 3 participants; CAT, ADVANC and True Move H Universal Communication Company Limited (TUC), a subsidiary of True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE), the auction finished at a value of 1,956 million baht per licences, ADVANC gained 10 licences and TRUE obtained 9 licences. The totalling bidding amounted 37,433 million baht.

Lastly, an auction for 27 licences of Frequency Band of 26 GHz with 4 participating bidders, ended up at a totalling value of 11,627 million baht, which was 445 million baht per licences. TRUE, TOT Public Company Limited (TOT), TriNet Co., Ltd. (DTN), a subsidiary of Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (DTAC) and ADVANC won 8 licences, 4 licences, 2 licences and 12 licences, respectively. 

The 700MHz, 2600MHz and 26GHz spectrum licences auction or known as the bidding of 5G wrapped up at the concluded value of 100,521 million baht with 48 offering licences. ADVANC has collected 23 licences, TRUE accomplished 17 licences, meanwhile DTAC and CAT won 2 licences for each.