Telecommunication Stocks to Turn a Crisis into an Opportunity

Telecommunication Stocks to Turn a Crisis into an Opportunity

From the resolution of Cabinet to shut down all schools, boxing stadium, sport stadium, cinemas, entertainment complex, fitness, spas, Thai massage shops, etc in Bangkok Metropolitan Region for 14 days as a preventive measures against the spread of Covid-19

To “Work from Home” policy raised by several private sectors to ease the risk from the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Leading to an increasing of internet use…!!!

Which should benefit the telecommunication stocks such as Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (ADVANC), Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (DTAC) and True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE).

As a higher data usage…from internet consumption like reading a daily news, watching a movies, listening to music or playing an online game instead of leaving home or some might use for work.

That means the Q1/2020 revenue from internet data service should increase significantly.

And at the same time those mobile service providers snatched an opportunity when people are encouraged to stay at home by launching a new promotion in response to Covid-19.

TRUE was a first operator that released an unlimited internet package, an “Isolated, but not Desolated”, at 10 Mbps. for 30 days with 60 mins free call, starting from March 16, 2020 exclusively for people who work from home to update the news and to enjoy a time watching  a blockbuster movies, listening a hit musics and watching a sports competitions via TrueID, an application of the Exter-Tainment. 

A little billionaire Suphachai Chearavanont is truly ahead of time.

Meanwhile ADVANC presenting a best value package of Working from Home starting at only 99 baht per month, and allowing the company staffs remotely access enterprise applications and intranets from anywhere, anytime like sitting at an office. 

ADVANC also provides a Corporate Internet Bandwidth on Demand services in which adjusting the internet speed up on demand with a special price of 30 baht/Mbps/month and only for this period. And many other solutions.

Plus inviting all mobile network customers who interested in AIS WORKING FROM HOME service be able to register the package from today until 30 June 2020.

What a genius ADVANC .. !!

But in case of DTAC…probably in the process of creating a package to serve the client’s please.

Lets see how stunning will be a DTAC packages

By the way, Mr.Sharad Mehrotra, do not take it too long then can fall behind and other mobile operators might take all customers.  

There are some analysts coming out cheering to buy telecommunication stocks specially ADVANC which has a strong fundamental and distributing a dividend of 4.26% while DTAC giving a dividend of 9.73% and TRUE offering at 3.66%.