MRT’s Orange Line Project Starts to Smell “Fishy”!?

MRT’s Orange Line Project Starts to Smell “Fishy”!?

A rumour has surfaced that there was an effort of amending the bidding criteria for the 140,000-million-baht MRT Orange Line Project (Bang Khun Non – Min Buri), with a total length of 35.9 kilometres, which has been biased in favor of a leading construction company. 

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) has a resolution to alter the bidding regulations on technical and price proposals in order to guarantee highest benefits to the government.

MRT Orange Line Project” has been criticized since MRTA announced its bidding criteria in May 2020. 

MRT Orange Line (western section) is targeted by many companies as this line is under a public-private partnership, including construction and operation for 30 years and the government gives subsidies of not exceeding 90,000 million baht.    

The rumor said that the leading construction firm which likely to take advantage from bidding criteria amendment is well-known as the operator of most Thailand’s elevated rapid transit and transportation system, but has recently missed on several government projects…!

By the way…will the extension of bid submission by 45 days to November 2020 relate to the said rumor…!? Who knows…

But which firm is the main topic of this conversation…?