CPF Promises Maximum Safety Measures for Workers of All Nationalities

CPF ensures it will keep all of its workers, including migrant workers, safe from the COVID-19 outbreak with the highest safety measures.

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF) ensures it will keep all of its workers, including migrant workers, safe from the COVID-19 outbreak with the highest safety measures.

The company also reassures that its migrant workers are being treated indiscriminately in line with international human rights standards.

Ms. Pimonrat Reephattanavijitkul, Executive Vice-President at CPF, said the company has been maintaining the highest health and safety measures at all of its operations from upstream to downstream since the outbreak started in early 2020.

She added that worker’s health and wellbeing is CPF’ top priority. The company has pledged to keep all of them safe, regardless of their roles or nationalities. As a result of this commitment, CPF has put extra care on the migrant workers that are more vulnerable. For example, the company provides them with accommodation with frequent shuttle bus service between dormitories to the company’s operation.

The transportation service has been managed with stringent covid-19 prevention measures such as temperature scanning and social distancing practices. Moreover, the company also provides translators to help more understanding of their rights and the operation.

“CPF is a workplace of diversity. We are building a mutual understanding among our employees in all nationalities equally. Our goal is to ensure that they are secured from this new wave of outbreak,” Ms. Pimonrat said, adding that CPF currently provides free food to employees who work in Samut Sakhon, where it has been placed under lockdown.


Also, migrant workers are able to voice their concerns and seek consultation” through a “Labour Voices Hotline by LPN”, a consulting hotline service run by Labour Protection Network (LPN). The hotline service is available in Khmer, Burmese, English and Thai.


During the outbreak, LPN arranged a training program through video conference to encourage workers to restrict with the company’s Covid-19 prevention measures accordingly as well as having basic understanding of Human Rights.


Currently, there are about 9,000 migrant workers in CPF’s operations in Thailand. All of them are recruited legally under the government-to-government MoU. They have received benefits and social welfare that is in line with Thai labour.

CPF also supports transportation fees from their country of origin to the company’s operation as well as work permit, health checkup, accommodation with shuttle bus service and translators. These supports aim at ensuring that they will live happily and comfortably during their time with CPF.