BGRIM’s New CEO “Harald Link” Targets 7,200MW Production Capacity in 2025

BGRIM’s New CEO “Harald Link” Targets 7,200MW Production Capacity in 2025

The New CEO of BGRIMHarald Link” says the Company will move forward in the organisational restructuring for the purpose of supporting the expansion of business domestically and internationally and targets the production capacity to reach 7,200MW within 2025.


Mr. Harald Link, Chairman and President of B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited (BGRIM), has given an exclusive interview to “Kaohoon Turakij” stating regarding the internal restructuring of BGRIM, the Company shall recruit and appoint people with professional experiences, abilities and skills to support the business expansion. 


Addressing the Company is looking for domestic and international investment opportunities. Recently, BGRIM has commenced the commercial operation of Southeast Asia’s largest ground installed solar power plant in Vietnam with a total production capacity of 420MW. Mr. Harald further said that as of now BGRIM is conducting a feasibility study of the 2,500-3,000MW natural gas power plant (LNG) in Vietnam, as well as the 100-120MW wind power plant in Vietnam. BGRIM is also negotiating for an additional power purchase agreement (PPA).


BGRIM targeted to extend the production capacity to 7,200MW by 2025 from the current capacity of 3,682MW. Regarding the Company’s financial position, Mr. Harald affirmed a financial remains solidity with cash of approx. 20,000 million baht.


For the five-year investment plan (2021-2025), BGRIM will focus on pipeline projects and has set provisional capital expenditure for the next 5 years amounting to 42,000 million baht. However, if BGRIM is able to boost the power portfolio to 7,200 as targeted, the provisional capital expenditure will increase to 166,000 million baht.


In 2021, the Company will continue to M&A and invest in power plants both domestic and overseas, particularly in Thailand and Malaysia, expecting to boost the production capacity by 800-1,000MW.