Kaohoon’s Top News on December 30, 2020

Top news from Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper to start the trading day on December 30, 2020.

– The Investment Analysts Association (IAA) recommended investors to avoid investing in DELTA, while recommending “sell” if holding the share in the portfolio as the share price surpassed its fundamental factors by a large margin. Furthermore, the association also stated that the movement of DELTA caused volatility for SET Index and expecting that DELTA could face a huge selloff in January next year.

TRUE overturned the TOT case yesterday as the Administrative Court revoked the decision of the Sub-Committee in the case of a dispute about the ADSL service so there is no need to pay a breach of contract to TOT of more than Bt76.0bn plus interest.

– Out of 26 IPO stocks in 2020, 20 stocks were able to close in a positive territory at the closing of December 29, 2020, while 6 stocks (WGE, CRC, SABUY, DHOUSE, ETC and PRAPAT) closed lower than their IPO prices. IIG, SICT and YGG are the three most outstanding stocks in the technology sector.

– The analyst stated that Local Institutions are expected to continue the window dressing, pushing big-cap stocks such as BJC, BGRIM, GULF and LH. Meanwhile, Institutions are focusing on PTG and SEAFCO for mid-cap stocks.