BGRIM Acquires 45% Stake of UV’s Subsidiary to Operate Energy Projects

BGRIM Acquires 45% Stake of UV’s Subsidiary to Operate Energy Projects.

B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited (BGRIM) has announced that on January 12, 2021, B.Grimm Power has invested in Univenture BGP Co., Ltd. (UVBGP), a subsidiary of Univentures Public Company Limited (UV), with the purpose to invest, develop, manage and operate energy projects together with UV.


In this respect, BGRIM has acquired 2,250,000 newly issued ordinary shares in UVBGP with the par value of THB 10 each at the subscription price of THB 10 each, totaling THB 22,500,000. UVBGP completed the registration of the capital increase with the Department of Business Development on the same day.

The increase of UVBGP’s registered capital results in BGRIM and UV respectively holding 45 percent and 55 percent of the total number of voting shares in UVBGP.

BGRIM expected the business partnership with UV, which operates real estate investment and development business that offers various products and services, will help expanding BGRIM’s business opportunity in the investment, development, management and operation of the energy projects that relate to or supplement the real estate development business through UVBGP, together with UV.