Biden to Suspend Donald Trump’s Departure Plan from WHO

Biden to Suspend Donald Trump’s Departure Plan from WHO

The Biden administration plans to halt Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization, one of the first major policy changes, according to the team announced hours before the presidential inauguration Wednesday, Jan 20.


President Joe Biden picked Dr. Anthony Fauci to lead a U.S. delegation at WHO’s annual meetings this week, reversing outgoing former President Trump’s plan to withdraw from the international aid group.


“Once the United States resumes its engagement with the WHO, the Biden-Harris Administration will work with the WHO and our partners to strengthen and reform the organization, support the COVID-19 health and humanitarian response, and advance global health and health security,” the transition team said in a statement.


Trump has announced the U.S. departure from WHO around mid last year, citing that the health agency was under China’s control in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and has suspended funding for the aid group since April, 2020.    


On the first day in office, Biden and his administration immediately began undoing Trump’s policies including reentering the Paris Agreement on climate change, and he has signed 15 executive actions shortly after being sworn on Wednesday.