BANPU Emphasizes the Production Capacity Will Reach 6,100MW by 2025

BANPU Emphasizes the Production Capacity Will Reach 6,100MW by 2025

BANPU affirmed its production capacity will reach 6,100MW within 2025 from the current level of 3,100MW and will raise the proportion of natural gas to 50% from the current 16%. Meanwhile maintaining the US natural gas production capacity at 600-700 million cubic feet per day. 


Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu Public Company Limited (BANPU), stated that the company targeted the total production capacity to hit 6,100MW by 2025, which about 5,300MW will be contributed from BANPU and 800MW from Banpu Next Co., Ltd.


BANPU expected to increase the capacity of Banpu Next’s renewable energy to 1,600MW within 2025 from the current 694MW, and will continue an investment expansion in solar farm and wind farm. BANPU also aimed to boost a portion of sales revenue from renewable business to 50% in 2025 from the current portion of 16%.


BANPU will book an additional revenue this year from solar farm projects in Japan, and wind farms in Vietnam (El Wind Mui Dinh) which are expected to generate a revenue from March 2021 onwards. Moreover, BANPU planned to expand its investment in China, targeting to ramp up a solar farm capacity from the current 177MW. 


For the natural gas business, following the acquisition of Barnett shale and Marcellus shale in the US, the total capacity has reached to 800 million cubic feet per day, however, the real production capacity is only 600-700 million cubic feet. Mrs. Somruedee stated that as of now BANPU has no plan to further invest in the US, hence the company still maintains the production capacity at this rate. But BANPU is looking to enlarge its business to midstream and downstream.


Recently, BANPU has signed an MOU with PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) to conduct a feasibility study of joint investment in the future.