SABINA Homes in on Boosting 2Q Sales, Shifting Strategy to Focus on Multichannel

SABINA homes in on boosting Q2 sales, seeing the third COVID-19 wave less impactful than previous waves while expecting to shift to multichannel strategy.

Sabina Public Company Limited (SABINA) forecasts QoQ and YoY growth in its 2Q/2021 revenue after tracking the third wave of COVID-19 and finding that the aftermath is not as devastating as the two previous waves. Owing to consumers’ high hopes for the vaccine, purchasing power is not at a complete standstill.

SABINA unveils the adjustment of its sales strategy to enter into sure-fire markets with customers. Thanks to the massive sales volume that it raked in from the major events of the leading online shopping platforms Lazada and Shopee, SABINA has become the best-selling brand in the fashion goods category. Similarly, SABINA’s main export market, Vietnam, is seeing continued growth while the UK has placed advance OEM orders well into August.

Mr. Bunchai Punturaumporn, CEO of SABINA, manufacturer and distributor of SABINA lingerie, revealed that SABINA has kept abreast of the third COVID-19 outbreak that occurred in late March and lasted until early April through customers’ spending habits in the first half of April including the long Songkran holiday, learning that in spite of the affected sales, the impact from the third wave seems less severe than the first outbreak in 2020 and the second outbreak that persisted from late 2020 into early 2021.


“Although this COVID-19 outbreak is widespread, it’s unlike the two waves before. Back then we didn’t have any promising vaccine, but this time we believe that the COVID-19 vaccines will be ready for distribution from May to June, thus halting the spread of the virus. Optimism about the vaccine has helped keep consumer confidence relatively buoyant compared with the earlier outbreaks. Moreover, this time the government did not impose a lockdown and we adapted our sales strategy by refocusing on approaching and penetrating consumer groups through multiple channels,” said Mr. Bunchai.

“SABINA will catch fish where fish is abundant, meaning that we will enter into markets that obviously have customers. This shift in sales area must be accurate in order to achieve the best outcome. Recently, we stocked up our sales volume from the major events of top online shopping platforms, namely Lazada 9th Birthday Sale and Shopee 4.4 Mega Shopping Day, in which SABINA became the top-selling product in the fashion category. Therefore, we’re certain that our 2Q/2021 sales will enjoy a QoQ and YoY increase,” he added.


The CEO added that another factor conducive to growth in 2Q is the export of SABINA brand products to Vietnam, which is showing a robust rate of economic expansion and is one of the countries that has efficiently controlled the spread of COVID-19. As a result, SABINA products in the Vietnamese market are experiencing a healthy growth. This uptrend can also be observed in SABINA’s OEM orders with most customers based in the UK. Orders have been placed far in advance all the way to August.

In summary, all four channels of distribution, i.e. retail over counters in malls and SABINA Shops, non-store retailing (NSR), export under the SABINA brand, and OEM, are showing visible signs of gradual recovery.