WHO Warns of Another Early Stage of New Wave, Urging to Reach 70% Vaccination by Mid 2022

WHO warned that the world is going into another early stage of new wave, while urging countries to vaccinate 70% of population by mid 2022.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the world is in the early stage of another Covid-19 wave amid resurgence of infections in many countries.


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of WHO, stated on Wednesday while pointing out that vaccine discrepancies are the cause of the world’s failing attempt to get rid of the Covid-19 vaccine.

75% of vaccines have been administered in just 10 countries. In low income countries, only 1% of people have received at least one dose, compared with more than half of people in high-income countries,” said Tedros in a keynote speech at the 138th International Olympic Committee Session.

Some of the richest countries are now talking about third booster shots for their populations, while health-workers, older people and other vulnerable groups in the rest of the world continue to go without.

The global failure to share vaccines, tests, and treatments – including oxygen – is fuelling a two-track pandemic: the haves are opening up, while the have-nots are locking down.

“The threat is not over anywhere until it’s over everywhere,” he added, while stating that the goal is to vaccinate at least 40% of the population of every country by the end of the year, and 70% by mid-next year.

“If we can reach those targets, we can not only end the pandemic, we can also reboot the global economy,” said Tedros

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