Kaohoon’s Top News on September 2, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on September 2, 2021

After concluding the merger with Lotus in October, Siam Makro (MAKRO) will be a company that brings in more than 400 billion baht in income.  Analysts believe that when the process is completed in October, MAKRO will have the opportunity to list on the SET50 index immediately, allowing institutional-foreign investors greater opportunities to invest.

Singer Thailand (SINGER) chairman Mr. Adisak Sukumvitaya stated that Singer’s D/E has decreased from 2.0x to 0.5x thanks to the capital raising of 11 billion baht from U City (U) and the spin-off of SG Capital at the amount of 10 billion baht . Analysts upped their earnings projection upwards, and also increased their target price to 54 baht.

To achieve the production capacity of 10,000 MW by 2030, B.Grimm Power (BGRIM) subjects to close another 500-1,000 MW of M&A deals in the second half of this year to early next year, along with further investments of 25-30 billion baht, and the company expects to accelerate the import of LNG to better serve the local and international clients.

Eastern Power Group (EP) is negotiating the sale of power plants to three interested parties, one of which is “Univenture BGP” or UVBGP (a joint venture company of UV and BGRIM). Also, the company intends to commence COD of its 160 MW wind power plant in Vietnam by the end of October. According to an insider, EP would sell a 240 MW power plant at Bang Pu Industrial Estate for more than 3 billion baht.

Bangkok Bank (BBL) would profit approximately 4,580 million baht from GULF share earnings as the Gulf price reached a new high. Analysts predict that BBL’s net profit would increase by 55% this year, with a coverage ratio of up to 190 percent. Analysts have set a target price of 193.00 baht for BBL, as the bank will be listed in the FTSE All World Index on September 17.

Clover Power (CV) will commence trading on the Thai Stock Exchange (SET) today (September 2). Analysts predict the company to outperform its IPO price of 3.90 baht due to potential growth despite its small size. 

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