ROJNA Acquires 51% Stake in “Herb Treasure” to Venture on Hemp-Related Business

ROJNA has acquired 51% shareholding in Herb Treasure Company Limited that operates in hemp-related business.

Rojana Industrial Park Company Limited (ROJNA) has announced that the Board of Directors of the company on October 14, 2021, has approved the purchase of ordinary shares of Herb Treasure Company Limited in the amount of 255,000 shares at the price of 200 baht each totaling 51 million baht, which results in the company holding shares in Herb Treasure Company Limited in the amount equaling 51% of the registered capital.


Herb Treasure Company Limited grows, manufactures and sells cannabidiol extracts from hemp. The company recorded 6.8 million baht of net loss in 2Q21 while having total revenue of 14,610 baht in the period.

ROJNA sees the acquisition as a new business venture and an additional revenue and profit channel for the company.

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