European Market Faces the Same Fate, Indices Fall Right after Opening Bell

The fall in the U.S. market on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, did not just hit the next day of the Asian market, plunging to its 19 months low, but also crash the European market to its 20 months low as well.


At 16:20 in Thailand

FTSE falls 128.17 points or 1.79% to 7,017.57 points

DAX falls 158.13 points or 1.35% to 11,554.37 points

CAC falls 79.64 points or 1.53% to 5,126.58 points

STOXX600 falls 6.38 points or 1.74% to 360.55 points

AEX falls 9.79 points or 1.85% to 518.24 points.

The other indices such as BEL20, FTSE MIB, OMXS30, SMI, HEX, PSI20, OMXC25, and Russia also fall between 1%-2.3%


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