Breaking News! FDA Approves Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine to be Distributed for Emergency ASAP!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Pfizer and BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine for an emergency use as the pandemic reaches a critical point in the United States,

The authorization is for those aged 16 and older.


“The FDA’s authorization for emergency use of the first Covid-19 vaccine is a significant milestone in battling this devastating pandemic that has affected so many families in the United States and around the world,” wrote FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn, M.D. in a statement.


The U.S. government plans to distribute 2.9 million doses of Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccine within 24 hours, and another 2.9 million doses 21 days later for the same group of patients to get their second doses.


The situation of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. has reached its critical point when the total deaths in the country surpassed 300,000 people with nearly 16.3 million people contracted the virus.

Last Wednesday, the U.S. recorded 3,124 new deaths from the virus, which was the highest single-day death from the pandemic so far.


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