Kaohoon’s Top News on March 18, 2021

– OR’s share price soared nearly 11% to ฿33.00/share yesterday (March 17) with a massive trading value of more than 10 billion baht following a buying pressure from major investors. Analysts stated perhaps investors had speculated ahead of OR’s next big deal. Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley expected OR’s revenue in 2021 to grow by double as there is about US$700 million cash flow per annual.


The major shareholder of STARK Wanarat Tangkaravakun” yesterday cut 952 million shares in big lot transaction to distribute institutional and foreign investors in order to increase the portion of free-float shareholding to 30%.


– JASIF has become an infrastructure fund with the most capital growth of 38.41% and followed by EGATIF. Analysts has given a “BUY” recommendation on JASIF with a target price of ฿11.2/share.


– GUNKUL expected to launch a pioneer project of growing hemp on 120 rais of land in 3Q21, estimating a revenue at around 1,200 million baht per year and the first revenue recognition of more than 300 million baht should begin in 4Q21. Also, GUNKUL set a revenue growth target of 10,000 million baht, an increase of 25% YoY. 

Meanwhile, SUPER has teamed up with Nakhon Si Thammarat Municipality to jointly invest in construction and management of waste disposal systems with an installed capacity of 20 MW, expecting to book a revenue of 500-600 million baht per year.


– BEAUTY entered into an MOU with DOD to develop and produce hemp-based products, such as cosmetics and food supplements, for distribution in both domestic and international markets. 

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