Are GPI MVP and CMO Getting Sick…?

Are GPI MVP and CMO Getting Sick...?

As soon as the covid-19 has spread to all over the world, the outbreak seem like worsening day by day and unable to prevent in the near future. The pneumonia symptom now killed more than a 3,000 lifes and about 100,000 infected people. No only the human health that has been affected as right now the symptom already transferred to an economic and those business sectors.

Currently, tourism is not the only industry that has been hit by coronavirus because the impact is slowly carrying out to event planning and management business, many events have cancelled or postponed without new scheduled date to avoid the spreading.

Like Grand Prix International Public Company Limited (GPI) which has to delay its enormous income-making event, the Bangkok International Motor Show 2020 from this March 25 – April 2 to perhaps in the end of April. 

As it normally shows on yearly financial performance of GPI, the first and second quarter of each year simply the best two operation period of the year. Therefore, if there is no Motor Show, the first two quarter of 2020 might not be so satisfied for GPI.

Moreover, lastly GPI was driven to hold up the event of Royal’s Cup 2020 that supposes to take place between March 12 – 15, 2020 at Grand Prix Golf Club.

Similarly in case of M Vision Public Company Limited (MVP) that a protagonist event such as Thailand Mobile Expo is in danger situation even the company has yet announced anything as the expo will happen on October, but it quite ensure that the event will be in the same boat as GPI.

Hopefully, the Covid-19 outbreak might be controlled by the end of this year, but until the time comes, will customer recover its trust to go to any crowded places?

The thing to be concerned about MVP is that if the coronavirus still remain strong till October, what is going to happen. MVP just got back to gain a profit in 2019 after experienced a loss of 50 million baht in 2018.

Meanwhile CMO Public Company Limited (CMO) is likely to be much more grievous as event organizer is its core business and will cause lowering a revenue of the first and second quarter in 2020. Let giving a hope for CMO to overcome the crisis. 

Presently, all 3 stocks are infected and being sick without knowing a specific time to recover. The investors who collect this 3 stocks in the port shall prepare themselves earlier, to not to be upset later. 





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