EASON Budgets ฿10mn Investing in “C.A.S. Green Energy” to Expand Plower Plant Business

Eason & Co Public Company Limited (EASON) reported that the Board of Directors Meeting No. 4/2020 dated on June 19, 2020 has passed the resolution of the investment in another company by establishment of the company named C.A.S. Green Energy Co., Ltd. (CAS), which aim to invest in the business engaging in power plant. In this regards, CAS has registration capital in amount of THB 100 million divided into 1,000,000 ordinary shares with the par value of 100 baht, EASON will hold 100,000 ordinary shares of CAS, or 10% of its registered capital, total amount of 10 million baht. The transaction size is calculated according to acquisition of assets of listed company rule with total consideration equivalent to 0.73%


EASON will engage in the potential business, since the power plant business is an important factor driving the economy. This will be a new channel to expand business, and revenue source from another business to the company.

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