Kaohoon’s Top News on February 17, 2021

 The Treasury Department said that the use of Ratchaphatsadu land for Royal Thai Army’s solar farm is considered as commercial use, therefore, it must ask for permission from the Department before auctioning the project and will be required to pay an annual fee until the contract expires. Meanwhile, the Royal Thai Army has previously signed an MOU with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to study for renewable development of a 30,000MW solar farm and enables the private sector to invest in the project. RATCH-GUNKUL-EGCO are expected to join the investment.


 Funds yesterday (Feb 16) acquired 41.32 million shares of OR at a selling price of ฿32.75/share for a total value of 1,353 million baht. Analysts expected OR to report an earnings of 8,469 million baht today, while forecasting an average growth of 11% in 2021-2023 supported by an improving revenue in both petroleum and non-oil businesses.


 BTS rebounded in 3Q20, showing a net profit of 1,686 million baht, an increase of 120% QoQ after recognizing a revenue of 1,979 million baht from the disposal of Thana City. Meanwhile VGI recorded a net profit of 713 million baht in 3Q, an increase of 78%, thanked to positive benefits from IPO of KEX, offering a dividend payment of ฿0.02/share. The ex-dividend date will be on Feb 25, 2021.


 The BGSR Consortium rejoiced after Department of Highways set to sign an O&M for Bang Yai-Kanchanaburi motorway construction in March worth 17 billion baht and later for Bang Pa-In-Nakhon Ratchasima Intercity Motorway Project in April worth 21 billion baht. The aforementioned motorways will be readied for use in 2023.


 PTTEP has commenced a natural gas production of Block H Project in Malaysia, targeting to ramp up a production rate to 270 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD). The success in this project is expected to strengthen PTTEP investment portfolio.


 TQR posted an earnings of 68.61 million baht for the first nine months period in 2020, an increase of 79.54%, insisting a solid financial position with nearly zero liabilities. TQR also planned to further cooperate with TQM as they have the same shareholder group. 

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