First to be Awarded! MPIC Received the Honor of Getting “C” Caution Sign!

After the regulation of “C” caution sign were issued on July 2, 2018, MPIC was the first to receive the sign from SET as the company failed to meet its conditions.

M Pictures Entertainment Public Company Limited or MPIC has received the honor of getting a “C” (caution) sign, which is the highest caution sign of all. This is to notify that the certain company is having “problems”. The regulation has been effectively used since July 2, 2018. The reason for the sign is because the shareholders’ equity are 50% less than the paid-up capital. The shareholders hold about 480 million baht, while paid-up capital is 1.3 billion baht (as of June 30, 2018).

Which results in MPIC’s shares being able to purchase only with Cash Balance (The process will be done through brokers by cash deposit before purchasing.) from the effective date until the problems has been solved.

The conditions on receiving the “C” sign are:

  1. The shareholders’ equity is less than 50% of paid-up capital deducted by discount on share capital (if any).
  2. The financial institutions, securities companies, life insurance or non-life insurance companies have been publicly to rectify financial position or operating result by temporarily discontinuing their partial operation or business expansion which are significant orders.
  3. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has ordered the company to rectify financial statements or arrange a special audit.
  4. The auditor’s report issues a disclaimer opinion on the financial statements due to the limitation of reviewing or auditing scope by the company or the committee or the executives
  5. The auditor’s issues an adverse opinion on the financial statements.
  6. The bankruptcy court has accepted the company rehabilitation petition/ accept the bankruptcy petition.
  7. The listed company that has total assets or almost all of its total assets in the form of cash or short-term assets (Cash Company).

Let’s get back to MPIC that has been owned through generations of distinguished gentleman, just like passing on inheritance. Especially, at one time that the company was Traffic Corner Holdings Public Company Limited or TRAF, which had Mr. Su. as the major shareholder. The company was dazzling so much that a group of individuals got accused by the SEC for speculation later in 2011 after changing the name to MPIC since 2008.

At the time of TRAF, the major shareholders had been usually and abnormally changing hands. Such activities with Mr. Su. as the man behind the curtain were being watched closely by SEC and SET. Until, the new inheritance turned out to belong to Mr. Wicha Phunwonlaksa, the father of the movie theater business, in the name of Major Cineplex Group Public Company Limited or (MAJOR).

Not before long, the company’s name was changed from Traffic Corner Holdings Public Company Limited or TRAF to M Pictures Entertainment Public Company Limited or MPIC since 2008.

If we look back over the years of MPIC, the company has never gain any profit at all, while receiving only net losses in the average of 100-180 million baht per year. There is no doubt why MPIC received the C sign from SET.

Most certainly, we will be seeing a lot of “such shares” coming out with a “C” sign fore sure!