SPALI Clearly Insists ฿4.1 for MK’s Share is the Final! Despite Higher Market Price

A confirmation from SPALI had been submitted to SET that the final price for MK’s shares would be ฿4.10/share, while requested for an extension of expiry date to September 5.

According to the “Money Game” that Mr. Prateep Tangmatitham of Supalai Public Company Limited (SPALI) had been playing with Finansa Group for over a month, today (August 15, 2018), SPALI submitted an amendment letter to SET to declare that they will maintain the tender offer price for MK’s shares at ฿4.10/share and the price was final, despite the hike of market price that went beyond their tender offer price. Also, SPALI stated in the letter that they would like to extend the tender offer period from the expiration date on August 31 to September 5.


The market price has never been lower than SPALI’s tender offer since July 16, 2018 that MK’s shares closed at ฿4.08/share. While the market price of MK’s share on August 15, 2018 is ฿4.20/share at 11:25 A.M.

After the affirmation of SPALI in finalizing their tender offer price, maybe the “Money Game” is now over. What  is SPALI and Mr. Prateep hope to get from this?