EA Establishes Singapore Subsidiary to Support Renewable Energy

EA has established a new subsidiary in Singapore named EA Con Dao (SG) Pte. Ltd to invest in renewable energy.

Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (EA) reports to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) of the establishment of EA Con Dao (SG) Pte. Ltd, a new subsidiary in Singapore, due to EA’s investment in shares for more than 10% of registered capital of other entity.

The registered capital is 10,000 SDG or 244,780 THB (as of ROE available on 21st August 2018 : ฿24.478 /SDG 1) divided in to 10,000 ordinary shares with par value of SDG 1. EA uses its own cash flow’s as a source of fund, and will hold 95% of registered capital. This subsidiary is established to work on investment in renewable energy.