Thai Stock Market Roundup Sep. 13

A short summary to inform you of what is going on in Thai stock market on September 13, 2018.

– “U”’s new company establishment in Germany will widen its business in assets

MACO gives  ฿0.018/share interim dividend. XD 26 Sep.

BM is confident in gaining 20% growth, expecting factory in Myanmar soon!

SPVI/COM7 are expecting to go higher when iPhone being released to the market.

WICE affirms ฿1.8bln in revenue, while its new business as a logistics across Asian borders are in listing process.

TOP/GPSC receives ฿161bln from BOI to build mega projects.

Local individuals selloff ฿12.7bln, while foreign investors turn to buy at ฿2bln for the first time in a while. Local institutes choose to stock ฿11.4bln instead of sell.

SET jumps 38.57 (2.30%) to close at 1,717.96 points with 79 billion baht in purchase value after the legislation for the election of MPs and the selection of senators had been announced.