Foreigners and Institutions Combine a ฿4.5bln. Selloff, Sinking SET by 16pts.

The total value of buying and selling separated by investor's type as of February 15, 2019.

Foreign Investors continued the selloff for ฿3 billion, while Institutions poured another ฿1.48 billion back to the market.

SET closed at 1,636.94 points, sank 15.70 points or 0.95% with ฿49.1 billion in value. The stock decline the same as Asian market due to the report of a decade low U.S. retail data overnight which raised concerns over a slowing American economy. Meanwhile, the political issues in Thailand are still tormenting investors with a tendency of rising at any moment.

The trade talk between the US and China has ended, but still no report in detail other than a comment saying it was “productive” from the US delegation.