Foreign Countries Press EC for Result and Transparent Investigation on Irregularities

Foreign countries urge the Election Commission to announce election results as soon as possible while requesting for a transparent investigation on any irregularities.

The Thai election on March 24, 2019, has stirred a lot of question upon suspicious acts of the Election Commission of Thailand (EC) toward the process of counting ballots and an announcement of results.


While waves of Thais have signed their name in which is now reached 776,300 names to demote the Election Commission, foreign countries such as the US and a political and economic union like EU has pressed EC for a swift announcement of official election results.


On Tuesday, the US State Department stated that Washington was looking forward to working with Thailand’s newly elected government while urged EC to release the results from the vote as soon as possible and requested for an investigation for any irregularities.

“We stand with the Thai people in calling for the expeditious announcement of voting results and a fair and transparent investigation of any reported irregularities,” said Robert Palladino, the US State Department spokesman. “The United States looks forward to working with Thailand’s newly elected government to advance values that bring our countries closer together, including democracy, security and prosperity for all citizens.”


In the meantime, the European Union also stated through its spokesman, Maja Kocijancic, that the EU was looking forward to the announcement of the election results. It is also important that any reported irregularities are to be resolved swiftly and transparently.


There are not any criticism coming out from other countries as of now, but the announcement of election results and an investigation for irregularities are what they want from Thailand.