Breaking News! PTT-GULF Consortium Passes Laem Chabang Phase 3 Project Qualifications!

The Port Authority of Thailand has announced that GPC Consortium which consists of PTT, GULF and China Harbour Engineering, has passed the qualifications for Laem Chabang Phase 3 Project.

On April 23, 2019, Kamolsak Promprayoon, R.T.N., Director General of Port Authority of Thailand has made an announcement after opened and considered the envelope number 2 that contains bidder qualifications for as an operator of the project.

Out of two consortiums which are GPC and NPC Consortium, that have submitted for the bidding of Laem Chabang Phase 3 Project, only GPC Consortium has passed the selection as the proposal of NPC Consortium has failed to meet the Port Authority of Thailand’s proposal.

Port Authority of Thailand will open the envelope number 3-5 tomorrow while expecting that whole process will be complete in early May.


GPC Consortium consists of PTT Tank Terminal Company Limited, a subsidiary of PTT, Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited (GULF), and China Harbour Engineering Company Limited.

NPC Consortium consists of Associate Infinity Co., Ltd., Nathalin Co., Ltd., Prima Marine PLC (PRM), PHS Organic Healing Co., Ltd., and China Railway Construction Corporation Limited.