Thai Stock Market Roundup June 21, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on June 21, 2019

SET closed at 1,717.14 points, decreased 0.68 points or 0.04% with a trading value of THB 81.23 billion. Today, Thai market closed in the negative territory might due to the effect from selling for speculation after the index had risen for 3 days. In terms of the domestic market, the number of Thailand’s exports in May 2019 presented a lower number than expected which makes a big concern of Thai’s economy in the second half of the year 2019. The global market, currently, all eyes on the G20 Summit on June 28-29.

Individuals and Institutions made a huge selloff for speculation at the amount of THB 5.6 billion while Foreign Investors remained confident in the Thai market, closed the day with THB 4.58 billion buy.

AOT expected a ฿40 billion of profits growth in FY20/21 after announcing a higher-than-expected minimum guarantee from King Power’s operation in Duty-Free concession and commercial area.

Thai May exports shrink 5.79% while imports fell 0.64% to face $181.5 million of trade surplus.

“Thavich” emphasized his confidence in IFEC, asserting that he will hold all shares through the temporary trading.

GPSC aimed to get approval from shareholders to make a tender offer for the remaining 4.75% of GLOW’s share and would delist the company afterward.

VGI announced that the company was studying the possibility to Join SAHA Group to operate “LAWSON108” in Mass Transit Areas.

GULF announced a COD of “NGD4” project with 10 years Sale Agreement with PTT.

PERM invested THB 1,000 million in steel coating production with a capacity of 100 billion ton/year, starting 4Q19.


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