BGSR Consortium Proposes the Lowest Bid for M6-M81 Motorway! Expecting ฿70bn Payment!

EXAT revealed that BTS-GULF-STEC-RATCH Consortium proposed the lowest bid for M6-M81 Motorway. The Consortium could receive upto ฿70bn payment!

Mr. Anon Luangboriboon, Director General of Express Authority of Thailand, has revealed that BGSR Consortium proposed the lowest payment in the second bidding envelope on investment and benefits of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of Intercity Motorway Bang Pa-In – Nakhon Ratchasima (M6) and Bang Yai – Kanchanaburi (M81).

BGSR Consortium which consists of BTS Group Holding Public Company Limited (BTS), Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited (GULF), Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Public Company Limited (STEC) and Ratch Group Public Company Limited (RATCH), proposed to receive 21,329 million of payment for M6 O&M and 17,809 million for M81 O&M, lower than the proposal of Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company Limited (BEM) and CCCC-UN Consortium, consisting of Unique Engineering and Construction Public Company Limited (UNIQ) and China Communications Construction Company Ltd.

Mr. Anon also stated that EXAT will proceed on the reviewing of other qualifications in the second bidding envelope. Then, EXAT will proceed with the final envelope containing other benefits proposed to EXAT. After considering all proposals, EXAT will announce the winner of the project, expecting to be within August 2019 and to be proposed to the cabinet by January 2020.

The winner of M6 and M81 project will provide the work on designing and installing fee collecting system, control system, construction of other buildings and O&M for 30 years. Moreover, the winner will receive availability payment after the project has been fully opened at an amount not exceeding 33,258 million baht for M6 and 27,828 million baht for M81.