AQUA Raises Target Revenue in 2019 to 30%, Expecting over ฿100m from “S. Thana Media”

AQUA has raised its target revenue in 2019 from 20% to 30% while expecting over 100 million baht of revenue from “S. Thana Media”.

Mr. Arak Ratboriharn, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Aqua Corporation Public Company Limited (AQUA) has stated that the company has increased the target revenue in 2019 to 30% instead of the expectation of 20% previously. In 2018, the company booked 1,241.14 million baht in revenue, however, AQUA had just recently acquired 100% of the ordinary shares of S. Thana Media Company Limited (STN).

The acquisition of STN will deliver the revenue and profit right away and the payback period is expected to be within seven years. STN’s revenue in 2019 is expected to be at 103.98 million baht.

Moreover, the takeover of STN will enhance billboard services to cover in a larger area. Currently, STN has 60 billboards and is planning to turn 5 of the billboards to LED screens with an investment of 10 million baht per screen.

AQUA booked 649.36 million baht in the first half and sees a better performance in the second half of 2019 due to higher revenue from advertisement. The outlook should be vividly reflected, starting in September. The company would recognize a full year revenue from the already installed 80 LED screens as well. The occupation rate is expected to be at an average of 70%, and the revenue from LED billboard would account to a 30% of AQUA’s total revenue in 2019.

Furthermore, there is revenue to be recorded around 20 million baht in the remaining of the year from LED screens on a total of 34 pillars at the entrance and exit of Airport Rail Link connecting to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

As for the billboard, AQUA will increase the occupation rate from the current 52% by boosting sales performance and expecting to increase the revenue in this section by 6% after a growth of 1% in the first half of 2019.

In addition, the company also received share of profit from investment in Eastern Printing Public Company Limited (EPCO) in which EPCO will begin to recognize the revenue from the commerce of 99.216 MW solar farm in Vietnam and a total of 45.96 MW solar farm in Japan which is in the third phase with the remaining of 13 MW.