ITEL’s 6M Profit Near ฿100M amid Realizing Income from USO and Data Center Service

ITEL’s 6M Profit Nearly Reach ฿100M amid Realizing Income from USO and Data Center Service.

Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited (ITEL) has reported its 2Q20 consolidated financial statement through the Stock Exchange of Thailand as follows;

ITEL reported a net profit of 57.80 million baht in 2Q20, increased 22.97% compared to a net profit of 47.01 million baht in 2Q19. Meanwhile, its 6-month earnings rose to 97.8 million baht with an increase of 13.93% for the quarter.

The company stated that the increase was mainly due to the recognition of the high-speed internet service in remote area (USO) phase 1 and 2, and service income from data center space.

Moreover, the well-managed cost reduction plan resulted in a lower expenses to record at 389 million baht, dropped by 26.6% compared to the amount of 530 million baht.

The company also stated that it currently holds 4,521.92 million baht worth of backlog, emphasising ITEL’s promising profit in 2020 and long-term sustainable growth.