OR to Kick Off the First Trading Day on Feb. 11, Expecting Fast-Track Measures to SET50!

OR to Kick Off the First Trading Day on Feb. 11, Expecting Fast-Track Measures to SET50!

PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR) has announced its first trading day in the Stock Exchange of Thailand on February 11, 2021. The final IPO price is ฿18.00/share.


The market expected OR to enter SET50 and SET100 under the “Fast Track” measure once traded in the Stock Exchange of Thailand this February.

The result of an allocation of OR’s IPO came out better than expected as retail investors would receive an average of 4,500 shares. Asia Plus Securities recommended mid and major investors who failed to subscribe OR’s IPO to purchase on the first trading day instead. In addition, the analyst viewed OR as a potential stock, expecting a robust first trading day and giving a target price at ฿24.00/share.


Mr. Phichin Aphiwantanaporn, Senior Executive Vice President, Finance, PTT Oil Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR), stated that the company made a 5-year business plan with a budget of 74.6 billion baht to be distributed in investment in the oil business by 34.6%, non-oil and other services by 28.6%, international business by 21.8% and other businesses by 15%.

Mr. Aphiwantanaporn pointed out that the budget for non-oil business and international business is higher than EBITDA as both sections have a potential for high growth, while the company has a solid capital fund with a D/E for 9M20 at 0.8x.


Ms. Rajsuda Rungsiyakull, OR’s Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability, stated that the company planned to expand 100 stations of PTT oil-services station per year to reach 2,500 stations in 2025 with a low-cost investment strategy, which the company will allow its dealers to invest 80% stake in the new station, while OR invests 20%.

As for the non-oil business, the company will add variety to its F&B services by adding more brands and expanding existing shops. Moreover, OR expects to increase Cafe Amazon’s by 2,100 branches, focusing on over 60% a stand-alone (outside oil station), which will be franchise businesses.

OR will focus on the Philippines, Laos and Cambodia for its international business by increasing over 350 oil stations along with more than 310 Cafe Amazon branches. The company will advance in the LPG, warehouse and lubricant-product business in Myanmar.