ZMICO Says No Significant Development Other Than Structural Change of Shareholders

ZMICO Says No Significant Development Other Than Structural Change of Shareholders.

Seamico Capital Public Company Limited (ZMICO) stated that according to the letter of the Stock Exchange of Thailand dated February 16, 2021 requesting the company to clarify information about significant developments, which results in the significant increase of the company’s securities trading volume and trading price recently.


ZMICO clarified that the company does not have any significant development, except the changes in the structure of shareholders and directors,  which was informed previously to the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

On February 11, 2021, ZMICO announced that the Board of Directors resolved to appoint Mr. Rathian Srimongkol as an Authorized Director and Chairman of the company, effective from  February 12, 2021 onward.

On February 8, 2021, ZMICO announced Mr. Suthep Wongvorazathe, a major shareholder, planned to sell 100,000,000 shares or equal to 6.047% of the total issued shares of the company to Mr. Rathian Srimongkol and Ms. Kamonkan Srimongkol at the price of Baht 1.60 per share, expected to be completed within 18th February 2021 and Mr. Suthep Wongvorazathe will resign from the position of Chairman and director of the company, effective on February 9, 2021.


Yesterday, ZMICO closed 10.62% higher at ฿1.77/share with a trading value of 454 million baht.