KCE, HANA and SMT Edge Higher amid Baht Depreciation and Covid-19 Outbreak

Electronic component stocks continued to gain, following the baht depreciation and Covid-19 situation in Thailand.

Stocks in the electronic components sector edged higher, following the baht depreciation amid the recovery of the global economy.

As of 10:32 local time in Thailand on June 30, 2021, Stars Microelectronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited (SMT) rose ฿0.25/share or 3.62% to ฿7.15/share with a trading value of 99 million baht.

Hana microelectronics Public Company Limited (HANA) increased ฿1.75/share or 2.49% to ฿72.00/share with a trading value of 679 million baht.

KCE Electronics Public Company Limited (KCE) gained ฿2.75/share or 3.73% to ฿76.50/share with a trading value of 988 million baht.


Electronic components sector are considered a safer sector from the Covid-19 outbreak compared to other sectors such as the energy sector and Domestic Plays that focus on the reopening theme. Meanwhile, the baht depreciation of 2.4% in June was a positive factor for the food sector, automotive parts group and electronic components.


Asia Wealth Securities (AWS) stated that the Sensitivity model based on the baht depreciating every 1 baht will increase the profit of the stocks in the group we choose to increase by no less than 5%. The baht tends to depreciate continually due to the recovery of the global economy and the possibility of raising interest rates from large economies.


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