TU Donates 35,000 Bellota and Marvo Pet Food Cans to Help Needy Animals amid Covid-19

Thai Union donates more than 35,000 cans of Bellota and Marvo pet food in June 2021 to continue supporting needy animals impacted by COVID-19 across Thailand.

Thai Union Group Public Company Limited (TU) donated more than 35,000 cans of Bellota cat food and Marvo dog food in June 2021 as part of its ongoing humanitarian assistance to animal communities impacted by COVID-19 across Thailand. 

These latest donations were made to eight pet organizations and shelters in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani and Chonburi Provinces, including to Paws Bangkok, The Hope Thailand, Kanyapat Home for Stray Dogs and Cats, PickAPet4Home, Pa Cu Home for Stray Dogs and Cats, Rakmaw for Stray Cats Foundation, Adrian Giurgu’s Shelter for Handicapped Dogs, and the Home for Handicapped Animals Foundation. 

With so many animal communities struggling under the impact of COVID-19, these donations will help support shelters and organizations that care for sick, handicapped and stray cats and dogs, as well as help with the distribution to local animal volunteers who feed needy cats and dogs across Thailand. 

“We recognize the COVID-19 situation has affected many pet communities that care for and feed animals,” said Pornchai Tatiyachaitaweesuk, Vice President of Thai Union’s Global PetCare Business Unit. “Thai Union’s PetCare business is committed to continuing to support these communities to help pet guardians and community volunteers keep their pets and our street animals fed during this challenging time.” 

Thailand has been combatting the third wave of COVID-19 since April, and Thai Union has donated more than 75,100 cans of Bellota cat food and Marvo dog food so far this year to ensure animal shelters, community organizations and volunteers across Thailand are able to continue feeding those animals most in need.

“This past year we’ve received more requests than ever to help stray animals, as many of the community members and groups who traditionally care for them are now having to contend with job loss, relocation, or illness,” said Amy Baron, the founder of PAWS Bangkok. “We are grateful for this donation of pet food from Thai Union as it not just feeds the animals in our care, but more importantly allows us to engage with the community at large to make sure the needs of their homeless animals are being met.”

Peter Galli, Group Director of Corporate Communications at Thai Union, noted that many people were now either working from home or staying indoors. “As such, there is a desperate need for food by many pet guardians, shelters and volunteer groups for the animals they take care of, especially stray cats and dogs.”

“So many people are experiencing severe financial hardship as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which is making it incredibly difficult for them to be able to afford to feed their animals. We are responding to that desperate need by providing healthy and nutritious pet food to support as many animal communities as possible – and the essential work they do – during these difficult times,” Galli said.

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