Tesla Plunges 4% on Closing as U.S Regulators Opens Probe Against its Autopilot System

Autopilot artificial intelligence (AI) system of Tesla cars reportedly involved in crashed in various emergency first responder vehicles after dark.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) earlier today launched a formal investigation against Tesla’s autopilot system which runs on sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI). The investigation developed as the autopilot system reportedly involved in dozens of crashes in first responder scenes.


The safety regulator is identifying 11 crashes dated back from 2008 where the autopilot system was involved in crashes in emergency situations which mostly took place after dark. One of such incidents involves in March this year where a Tesla Model Y driver on autopilot crashed into a police vehicle and the police vehicle claimed to have its emergency lights on. Some 765,000 vehicles will be included in the investigation starting from the model Tesla introduced autopilot system in its cars from late 2014 through models introduced until 2021.

It is important to note that investigations of such nature do not “always” lead to recalls. The market reacted sharply to the investigation dipping the stock as low as 4.32% closing at USD 686.17 last night.

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