Hotel, Aviation and Health Sections Expect to Grow as High Season Draws Near

Brokers recommend buying hotel, aviation and health sections as the high season is near.

We are one month away from the fourth of 2018, which means the Chinese Golden Week is drawing near. China will commemorate its national day, known as Golden Week, with 9 straight holidays from 29 September to 7 October. It only takes 3-5 hour flight for Chinese tourists to escape chaos in the city to one of the top getaway places in Thailand. The fourth quarter also marks the beginning of high season in Thailand, the world’s top 10 destination for tourists.

Analysts have positive views that the tourist and aviation sections will start to grow eminently at the end of third quarter, supporting by Chinese Golden Week and the promotions from government, especially a temporary free visa fees for all Chinese tourists to recover the lost from the boat tragedy in Phuket.


Hotel, Aviation and Health are expected to be the most beneficial sections.

ERW : TP ฿8.70/share

CENTEL : TP ฿47.00/share

MINT : TP ฿41.00/share

AOT : TP ฿77.00/share

AAV : TP ฿4.90/share

BEAUTY : TP ฿12.30/share

TKN : TP ฿20.00/share


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