JMART’s 2Q Profit to Come in ฿140M, Supporting by Outstanding Operations from JMT-SINGER

JMART’s 2Q Profit to Come in at ฿140M, Supporting by Outstanding Operations from JMT and SINGER.

Jay Mart Public Company Limited (JMART) could report a net profit of around 140 million baht in 2Q20, mainly from the contribution of its subsidiary such as JMT and SINGER, said the source close to the matter.


JMART’s net profit is estimated to increase 34% compared to a net profit of 104 million baht in 1Q20, as JMT’s net profit for the quarter is expected to come in at 200 million baht, while SINGER’s net profit is forecasted at 120 million baht. However, the figure of JMART’s 140 million baht could slightly bounce up or down, depending on its provision for the quarter.


Earlier, Mr. Adisak Sukumvitaya, Chief Executive Officer of JMART, estimated that JMART should be able to book a profit from the sale of J Fintech to Korean’s KB Bank in 3Q20 after the company received an approval from the Bank of Thailand last month.

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