Maybank Holds “Invest ASEAN 2021” to Catalyze Sustainable and Equitable Future for ASEAN

Invest ASEAN, Maybank Kim Eng’s much anticipated flagship investor conference is back for its 8th year running. Since 2014, the conference has been a must-attend event for investors and corporate leaders around the world. This year, it will be held virtually over three months from June to August 2021.


With the theme ASEAN Rising: The Next Decade, Invest ASEAN 2021 seeks to bring together thought leaders, industry experts, corporates and global investors through a combination of one-on-one interviews and panel discussions for an in-depth look into the ASEAN region and its future.


Ami Moris, Chief Executive Officer, Maybank Kim Eng Group said: “The big question now is, what are the enduring changes and opportunities that have been catalyzed by the pandemic and the evolving regional backdrop? At Invest ASEAN 2021, we are bringing to the fore how policymakers and businesses can harness these changes to propel ASEAN’s growth over the next decade.”

“Invest ASEAN is an event that we created for our clients. This year, as we celebrate 10 years as ASEAN’s leading homegrown investment bank, we are proud to share 10 thought leadership conversations to investors across ASEAN through a multitude of platforms.”

“With our GDP forecast for ASEAN looking solid for the next two years, our Invest ASEAN 2021 series is designed to answer the questions of how to navigate through this period of recovery and take advantage of new opportunities,” she added.


Invest ASEAN 2021 will include thematic webinars during which carefully curated panels of experts will speak on salient, contemporary topics ranging from new technologies in the energy and financial sectors to the future of the more traditional real estate and tourism industries.


The conference kicked off last week with its first session; “US-China Rivalry & the New Geopolitics in ASEAN” where guest speaker Dr Tan Kong Nam, former Chief Economist of Singapore and former World Bank Senior Economist in Beijing offered his insights into the broadening tensions between US and China. He said: “In 2020, for the first time since China’s reforms, ASEAN became its largest trading partner, while the EU is second, followed by the US. ASEAN has become the new battlefield between US, China and EU.”


Thematic webinars will be interspersed with country-focused, exclusive corporate access events, which run over a week and showcase a wide range of both listed and unlisted companies from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.


Last year, despite the global pandemic, Invest ASEAN 2020 attracted over 1,000 participants at 206 virtual meetings. The event successfully connected more than 70 ASEAN corporates with a total market capitalization of USD265.7 billion to local and global investors.


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