Kaohoon’s Top News on March 11, 2021

– BAM confirmed earnings in 2021 will return to pre-pandemic levels, expecting a net profit to soar 256% to 6 billion baht and revenue will reach 17 billion baht. Also, BAM set to establish 3 new subsidiary companies consisting of debtor management company, asset valuation company and asset quality improvement company, which will later change to holding company. Analyst has given a target price of ฿26.20/share. 


 NBTC informed NT to pay the first installment for the 700-megahertz frequency range in the amount of 3,670.74 million baht on March 16, 2021, along with the bank guarantees for the 9-month installment left, denying a rumor that NT would abandon the 700MHz in order to take back the money to purchase additional 20-30% stake in DTAC.


– BTS to appeal a court decision over the disposal of MRT Orange Line bid criteria amendment dispute. BTS also plans to file a lawsuit against MRTA and the selection committee after revoking the last-year Orange Line bid and later calling for a bid again.


– SSP targeted revenue this year to grow over 20% as set to commence the COD of 3 power plants with a combined production capacity of 62MW, and will advance in investment expansion domestically and internationally, expecting the total installed capacity to reach 400MW by the next 3-5 years.


 The SET warned “Anne Jakkaphong” to avoid informing any information that is likely to have an effect on the price of JKN or the decision making on securities investment. Meanwhile, JKN confirmed the cooperation with DOD to jointly produce dietary supplements and hemp-based beverage products, and has also clarified that the company did not enter into a 24-hour rental contract with New 18, but it was only a short-term contract.


– CPF signaled an outstanding growth in 2021 from the recognition of integrated swine business (CIT) in china and global spending has been improving. At present, CPF is conducting research and development in hemp-based food, expecting a product introduction this year. Also, the company set aside about 26,000-27,000 million baht for overseas investment, particularly in Vietnam.

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