Shrewsbury’s Super Six Land Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League Offers

  • Ivy League: Early Decisions at Cornell (2) and Dartmouth head US offers so far
  • Oxbridge: 1 Oxford, 2 Cambridge continue Shrewsbury track record. 17 Oxbridge offers since 2018.
  • Class of 2020 secure over 200 offers in 7 countries so far. Hundreds of applications still in process.

Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, Riverside is celebrating six offers from the world’s most sought after universities. Three students have already accepted their places at the Ivy League’s Cornell University and Dartmouth College. In the UK, offers from both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge (2), make a total of 17 Oxbridge offers for Shrewsbury students since 2018.

Vice Principal, Mr Rob Millar spoke highly of the six students explaining that this is what students can achieve at Shrewsbury if you have a goal and apply yourself.

“I could not possibly be prouder of what these students have achieved for themselves, their families and Shrewsbury. They all have such different areas of expertise and to have been accepted to some of the world’s best universities shows the wealth of opportunity that Shrewsbury offers. These exceptional students have shown that if you put the hard work in then, it will pay off; and it has in a big way.”

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