Kaohoon’s Top News on January 19, 2021

Top news from Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper to start the trading day on January 19, 2021.

– Analysts expected CPF’s 4Q20 earnings at 9,413 million baht, an increase of 135% after recording an extraordinary item from the swine business acquisitions in China worth 2,400 million baht. The acquisitions will boost CPF’s net profit in 2020 to 29,027 million baht, an increase of 57%. The analysts also expected the company to issue a dividend of ฿0.47/share, recommended “BUY” at a target price at ฿44.50/share. Meanwhile, Bloomberg Consensus showed 22 out of 25 analysts recommended “BUY” on CPF at a target price at ฿38.31/share.

– The analyst estimated RS to report a net profit in 4Q20 at 124 million baht, an increase of 89% after its commerce business grew 45%. RS’ earnings in 2020 were forecasted at 548 million baht, representing a 51% growth, with a dividend payment of ฿0.40/share. As for the earnings in 2021, the analyst expected RS to book 844 million baht, while recommending “BUY” at a target price at ฿23.90/share.

RS’ Board of Directors also approved its subsidiary to purchase new ordinary shares from “Chase Asia” at the amount of 2.74 million shares to expand its businesses.

– Bualuang Securities (BLS) expected TISCO’s dividend yield in 2020 at 4.1% after the bank reported a better-than-expected 4Q20 earnings, while having BIS Ratio at 22.83% and an increase of coverage ratio to 210% and maintained NPL at 2.50%. BLS forecasted TISCO to report an increase of 2% in 1Q21 profit, recommending “BUY” at a target price at ฿115.00/share.

– Local and Foreign Institutions are reserving 30.8 billion baht to subscribe OR’s shares, while adjusting its portfolio in SET50. The analyst indicated a short-term rebase for SET Index, emphasizing a great opportunity for investment. Meanwhile, KBANK announced a guideline to subscribe OR’s shares through an online channel, confirming 300 shares for every subscriber.

GSB expected to kick off car-title loans in March with a target revenue of 20 billion baht on an interest rate of 18%. The announcement came after SAWAD’s Board of Directors approved its subsidiary “Fast Money” to join hands in a joint venture at a shareholding stake of 49%. SAWAD also approved a joint venture with NOBEL in “SWP” at a shareholding stake of 20%. The moves will be proposed to EGM on February 17, 2021.

– The analyst expected INTUCH to report a net profit in 4Q20 at 2,720 million baht, an increase of 44% due to lower losses from its satellite business. The analyst also estimated INTUCH dividend payment for 2H20 at ฿1.15/share, even though INTUCH’s net profit in 2020 was estimated to decline by 4%. Still, the analyst recommended “BUY” at a target price of ฿63.00/share.