Kaohoon’s Top News on September 21, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on September 21, 2021

Thai Union Group (TU) invested 3 billion baht to acquire 10% of R&B Food Supply (RBF) at a deal price of 15 baht per share, with the goal of achieving synergies that will enable the company to create and develop innovative products in the pursuit of “Smart Food Ingredients” or food for tomorrow. Analysts believe that both parties will benefit roughly equally from this transaction, recommending a “BUY” rating on TU with a target price of 27 baht and a target price of 29 baht on RBF.

Thailand increased the public debt ceiling to 70% from 60%. This enables the government to borrow additional funds for fiscal policies in 4Q21. Analysts forecast a total inflow of more than 2 trillion baht via stimulus measures such as Rao Tiew Duay Kan (We Travel Together), Khon La Kreung (Let’s Go Halves), and Shop Dee Mee Kuen (Shop and Payback). These measures would benefit CPALL, BJC, CRC, HMPRO, DOHOME, COM7, SPVI, and CPN.

XSpring Digital, a subsidiary of XSpring Capital (XPG), is overjoyed to have received such positive feedback regarding the Siri Hub Token. Today (September 21) marks the official launch of subscriptions on the XSpring app. Holders are guaranteed a revenue share of up to 8%.

SCG Packaging (SCGP) invested 12 billion baht in a new complex in northern Vietnam to produce an additional 370,000 tons of packaging paper per year. Manufacturing is scheduled to begin in early 2024.

J.R.W. Utility (JR) signaled that the second half of the year will outperform the first. The company’s current backlog stands at 5,320 million baht, with a revenue of 1,487.5 million baht expected in 2021. JR expects to win additional projects worth more than 7,300 million baht in 2021-22, doubling its net profit this year.

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