Tourist Segment Confuses after Three Analytic Results from Brokers Using the Same Data

An awkward situation for traders after the Ministry of Tourism and Sports reveals the tourists growth, but brokers have different opinions.

As of today (August 2, 2018) the Ministry of Tourism and Sports reveals that the number tourists has grown 4%, while the number from June shows 11.57% of growth. The top three tourists are from China, Russia and Malaysia.

Nomura Securities analyzes the current situation tourism market referring to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports that states a 4% growth of tourists, but considers a small growth when compares to a 11.57% from last month due to fewer tourists from China and Europe.

A slow growth of tourists in July would be only a short term effect from World Cup 2018 for European tourists, while a tragedy of ferry capsize in Phuket results in fewer tourists from China.

However, a 4% growth reflects on a strong industrial segments. Nomura suggests to keep an eye on the increase of tourists in August and stock tourist segment shares, such as, AOT and ERW.

Maybank Kim Eng also analyzes the trend from Ministry of Tourism and Sports that states the number of tourists grows by 4% in July compares to the same period of last year, while the report shows a slow movement from Chinese and European tourists.

Overall, the slow movement is the effect from June that previously grow 11.6% when compares to same period of last year. Confidently, the target of 2018 set at 3 trillion baht will be achieved. Kim Eng suggests to “Hold”.

KGI Securities gives a “Neutral” analytic view on hotel segment as CENTEL and ERW have a potential to slow down due to a decrease of Russian, European and Chinese tourists.

KGI also views MINT positively from the hotel business in Portugal and Maldives. CENTEL and ERW still do not outstanding much, while MINT still has high valuation causing KGI to view hotel group as “Neutral


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