Article 44 Strikes! Extending 900MHz License to 10 Installments, Compensating Digital TV

TRUE, ADVANC and DTAC receive an extension for its 4th installment of 900MHz license while digital TV operators also get compensation for the recalling of 700MHz.

Regarding the 4th installment for 900MHz spectrum (4G) license of telecommunication operators (ADVANC, TRUE, DTAC) that the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) had executed Article 44, extending the 4th installment so that three operators will be able to participate in the 5G bidding. Today, April 11, 2019, the Royal Thai Government Gazette has announced its approval on this matter.

In the announcement, the Government Gazette has ordered the National Broadcasting Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) to consider stalling the 4th installment for each operator and dividing into 10 installments equally. The divided installments are to be paid starting in 2020.

TRUE has THB 60,218 million to be paid for its 4th installment due in 2020. DTAC has THB 30,024 million to be paid for its 4th installment due in 2022, and ADVANC has THB 59,574 million to be paid its 4th installment due in 2020.


Moreover, the Government Gazette also ordered NBTC to consider recalling 700MHz spectrum from digital TV operators to use the spectrum for 5G instead, and to provide compensation for the due balance that digital TV operators have to pay.

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