Dow Futures Drop 400pts, SET Plunges 24pts at the Opening Bell!

Dow Jones Futures dropped 406 points as of 9:36 p.m. EST on Sunday as the number of coronavirus cases outside China jumped on Monday morning.


Stocks in Wall Street all point to open higher on Monday as coronavirus cases climbed higher with an increasing number of the death toll outside mainland China. S&P and Nasdaq also pointed to open lower as well.

South Korea reported a significant increase in the number of coronavirus cases that jumped to 763 this morning. The country raised its alert to the “highest level”.

More than 10 towns in Italy are on a lockdown as cases rose to 152 and report a third death in the country. Austria stopped a train coming from Italy at its border as two travellers were suspected of being infected with the virus.

International reporters also reported that passengers aboard Air Canada flight to Vancouver from Montreal tested positive for the virus as well.

SET opened at 1,470.79 points, declined 24.30 points or 1.63%.

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