“Prayut” Orders an Inspection on the Allegation of MCOT Compensating ฿1.6Bn to “Playwork”

“Prayut” Orders an Inspection on the Allegation of MCOT Compensating ฿1.6Bn to "Playwork"!

Prime Minister’s Office Minister Tewan Liptapallop as a supervisor of MCOT Public Company Limited (MCOT) stated that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has given an order to inspect the matter of compensation worth 3,235 million baht for MCOT.


Mr. Tewan gave a brief summary of the matter, which the complaint had been filed to the prime minister and himself, saying that MCOT decided to return its 2600MHz license to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Committee (NBTC) for a compensation of 3,235 million baht. However, the MCOT Union filed a complaint to the prime minister and himself, stating that NBTC will cut the compensation in half and compensate the other half to Playwork Company Limited.

NBTC asserted that the letter, submitted by MCOT’s President Mr. Kematat Paladesh, indicated the compensation to be shared between MCOT and Playwork. After a discussion, the majority of the board of directors agreed on the fact that a president does not have the right to do so, and his action will damage MCOT’s benefit as well as the country as MCOT is a state-enterprise.


Mr. Tewan said that the matter has been discussed with the office of the Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister Office and informed to the prime minister. Currently, Mr. Tewan has launched an audit committee to investigate the matter and estimated that the report should be within 15 days.

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